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Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take to transport my bike?

You should allow approximately 10-14 working days from the day we pick the bike up, provided there are no delays due to circumstances beyond our control. This may include earthquakes, accidents, road changes or construction, industrial action, weather, Interisland ferries etc. We will contact you the day prior to the scheduled pick up or delivery to arrange the specific time.


Can I get an estimate for delivering a bike on TradeMe?

Yes, please call or email us for an estimate and do not use the quote form. Before you call, try and get as much information as you can. Especially the street where the bike would be picked up and also precisely what other boxes or parts might be transported with it. Remember that an estimate is not a quote as it depends greatly on the accuracy and completeness of your information. Ring (04) 298 5469 or email [email protected]


Can I put spare parts with my bike?

We allow one box approximately the size of a supermarket Banana box, to travel free of charge with your motorcycle. All boxes must be well labelled and secured, and contain no fluids/oils or flammable goods.  Biketranz will accept no responsibly if these guidelines have not been followed. Additional parts or tyres etc. can be discussed and will be priced separately.


Does someone have to be home for the pick up or delivery?

Yes, we do prefer that you, or a nominated person, is at the pick up and delivery address. You or this person is required to sign for the goods. 


Is my motorcycle insured when you move it?

Biketranz LTD is covered by the limited carriers liability cover. This is the same as other transporters and will cover up to $1500.00 in the case of a major accident occurring.


I'm worried about having my beautiful motorcycle transported!

We only move motorcycles and nothing else - no furniture or general freight. We are proud to be responsible for the regular transportation of some of New Zealand's most famous and most valuable motorcycles. Our drivers are knowledgeable motorbike enthusiasts and they will write a condition report upon pick up. You will receive a copy of this upon delivery.